If you’ve clicked or touched through the pages of this website, you should have a pretty complete overview.

But you can also check out this short summary:
I studied graphic design with a focus on editorial illustration and graphic storytelling. I worked as a storyboard
artist and conceptual illustrator for television commercials, short films, and music videos during that time.

Since I’ve graduated in 2000 I worked on animated feature films as a production designer.

I have also worked on various animated trailers and served as a consultant on several live action film concepts
and comic book projects.



film work since 2000:

Year Title
2016 – 2018 EFFIGIE – Poison and the City Movie Creative Producer
2014 – 2015 HAPPY FAMILY Movie Production Designer
2011 – 2013 TARZAN 3D Movie Production Designer
2011 EUROPA-PARK Short Movie Production Designer
2011 PAULA & SCOTCH Trailer Production Designer
2008 – 2010 ANIMALS UNITED Movie Production Designer
2006 – 2008 IMPY'S WONDERLAND Movie Production Designer
2006 MARNIE'S WORLD Trailer Production Designer
2004 – 2006 IMPY'S ISLAND Movie Production Designer
2004 THE THIEF LORD Movie VFX Art Director
2002 THE FROG KING Movie-concept Storyboarder/Concept Artist
2001 – 2004 THE SNURKS Movie Production Designer
2000 THE RED BARON Movie-concept Storyboarder/Concept Artist


comic book work :

Year Title
2017- 2020 EUROPASAURUS – Urzeitinseln voller Leben – Graphic Novel Art Director/ Conceptionalist
2017- 2019 BEETHOVEN – Unsterbliches Genie – Graphic Novel Art Director / Project Coordinator/ Conceptionalist
2013 – 2014 VASMERS BRUDER Consultant


education :

Year Title
2000 Graduated as Diplom Designer (Masters Degree)  at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover / Germany

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