PROJECT:     TARZAN 3D | CG Feature Film (2014) | Director: Reinhard Klooss
TASKS:         Production Designer | Supervisor: Light & Look Development


TARZAN 3D is my largest movie projects to date; with over 100 sets built for more than 2000 CGI shots.
I started design and supervision of the low-res virtual sets in the fall of 2011, which was followed by a
spring/summer 2012 motion capture shoot in Bavaria Studios, Munich. I finished art direction on
light and final renderings in the summer of 2013.

Germany’s (maybe even Europe’s) first fully animated motion capture movie, starring Kellan Lutz
(Twilight, Expendables 3, Hercules) and Spencer Locke (Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: After Life 3D),
is written, produced and directed by Reinhard Klooss.

The movie is slated to be released in stereoscopic 3D worldwide in 2014.


Some Poster Variants:



The official english Trailer:

The storyline:

Tarzan (Kellan Lutz) and Jane Porter (Spencer Locke) face the mercenary army of the evil William Clayton, CEO of Greystoke Energies.
Tarzans quest is personal, as Clayton is the man who took over his parent’s company after both of them died in a fatal helicopter crash.


The official press photos from the Movie:


The official press photos from the Motion Capture Shooting:



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