BLACK.LIGHT WORKSHOP ERLANGEN  2012     from left to right: Nic Klein, Stefano Ricci, Danijel Zezelj, David von Bassewitz, Christoph Ermisch,
Thierry van Hasselt, Father John Garrick, Benjamin Flao, Philipp Schaper, George Pratt and me.



Between the 2nd and 6th of June 2012, just before the 15th International Comic-Salon Erlangen,
Black.Light Project staged its artist workshop.


Seven illustrious artists from around the world illustrated not only based on the work of Pedro Rosa Mendes
and Wolf Böwig, but also to chronicles told by the living witness Father John Garrick (Sierra Leone).


The participating artists were:
George Pratt (USA), Danijel Zezelj (Croatia/USA), Thierry Van Hasselt (Belgium), David von Bassewitz (Germany),
Nic Klein (Germany), Benjamin Flao (France), Stefano Ricci (Italy/Germany).

Lectured and consulted by Father John Garrick (Sierra Leone)

For Black.Light:
Henning Ahlers – coordinator, Christoph Ermisch – designer, Philipp Schaper – assistant, Michael Schmelkus – assistant


Impressions from the workshop :



George Pratt, wrote an excellent detailed report about the workshop on his blog:



Some personal notes:

As far as I know, a workshop of this scope, with an international cast of comic creators, working together like this,
has never happened before in Germany. Supporting and overseeing all these extraordinary artists from all over
the world was a real pleasure, especially with this important topic as a binding agent. Being part of it was one of
the most impressive and touching times in my creative career.




I want to thank Bodo Birk and all the people of the Kulturprojektbüro Erlangen as well as Paul Derouet for their dedication and
commitment that made this workshop possible. (Special thanks to Tobias Ott, who always had an open ear for all of our needs
in the preparatory stage, as well as during the event.)

Thanks to the kind and always helpful management and staff of the NH Hotel Erlangen, who gave us the hotel rooms and
provided catering for all the participants, as well as rooms for the workshop itself during the workshop and festival.

Last, but not least, I want to thank all the artists, and Father Garrick, for making the trip to Black.Light in Erlangen and to Christoph,
Philipp and Michael for teaming up with me in Erlangen, June 2012.



The workshop-results were exhibited in the workshoproom at the NH Hoteles in Erlangen during the International Comic Salon Erlangen 2012.

Impressions from the exhibition :





© “BLACK.LIGHT” pictures by Black.Light Project