West Africa – The Charles-Taylor-Wars

Between 1998 and 2007 writer Pedro Rosa Mendes and photographer Wolf Böwig reported on the West African wars.
Their work was published in leading magazines worldwide and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

Now, they are joining storytelling artists from all over the world merging writings and photographs with drawings
- stories of daily life and survival during the wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau
and Ivory Coast.

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Some notes on my engagement on the Black.Light Project (2010-2012):

I joined photo journalist Wolf Böwig and graphic designer Christoph Ermisch in 2010 to work on the basic concept of the Black.Light project.
The goal was to merge the words of writer/journalist Pedro Rosa Mendes and the photos of Wolf Böwig with sequential art by international
comic book artists.


For that I brought the following artists on board :
George Pratt [ ]
Benjamin Flao  [ ]
Danijel Zezelj [ ]
Nic Klein ]
David von Bassewitz [ ]
Thierry van Hasselt  [ info ] and
Stefano Ricci [ info ]

We prepared the first chapters for presentations to publishers and possible funding institutions between 2010 and 2011.
The artists in that early stage were Danijel Zezelj, Thierry van Hasselt and David von Bassewitz.

Out of that work the idea for the Black.Light workshop was born.
We wanted to bring together the initiators, the artists, and witnesses from the West African conflicts itself to create a very
collaborative working experience. (-> click here for more Info on the workshop )

My engagement with the project ended after the workshop and it’s exhibition at the international Comic Salon in Erlangen 2012
in the summer of that year.

For more information on the project please visit the official Black.Light Project homepage:


German TV report (3SAT Kulturzeit, 26. Juni 2012) on Black.Light:


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